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Mild beer of a light grain colour.
A prevailing barley malt taste with a light
aromatic hop bitter.
Alc. 4.9% volume
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Original, extremely clear beer of
a straw colour. Corn and top quality hop
bestow oneness to this beer.
Alc. 5.2% volume
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Savoury beer of a clear amber colour.
A mixture of herbs and bright malt produces
a spectrum of tastes and aroma.
Alc. 5.6% volume
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Exceptional beer of a golden colour.
A balanced taste of malt, bitter and aromatic hop,
peas bestow a sweetish taste.
Alc. 5.7% volume
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Luxuriant and rich beer of a dark
ruby colour. Candy malt bestows an
aftertaste of roasted bread and nuts.
Alc. 6.0% volume
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Especially mild and light beer.
A coherence of barley malt and aromatic hops
produces an exceptional taste harmony.
Alc. 4.7% volume
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Beer with a strong, expressive taste,
which mysterious aftertaste is produced by
peas in its content.
Alc. 6.0% volume
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Beer with a strong, expressive taste,
which processing mysteries reveal
an exceptional taste harmony.
Alc. 6.0% volume
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It is strong beer with a distinct taste,
in which aftertaste a hint to wine shows up. Brewed
according to the ancient formula of the brewery.
Alc. 7.0% volume
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It is strong and mature beer.
Rice is used for the production of its
subtle taste.
Alc. 7.5% volume
See. Taste. Assess.
Our brewers gladly open the doors of the brewery and are
ready to share with you their impressions and hundred years
old traditions. This is the way we see it, but come to our
brewery and see with your own eyes how real beer is brewed.
Hear interesting facts and firsthand stories. In addition, we’ll
do our best to create the ideal atmosphere for the beer
degustation in the heart of the brewery.
Beer tour
Find the roots of beer in Biržai

Biržai brewery – one of the oldest in Lithuania, it is prominent
not only for its deep brewery traditions, but also its rich and
colourful history.

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