You like beer and want to know more about this
beverage, don’t you?
Are you dreaming of visiting a place where real “live”
beer sees the light or how are virtuosos of the brewing
craft toiling in their places of work?
Do you want to know about the honorable and full of
attractions Lithuanian brewing history?
If the answer to any of these questions is yes,
you are welcome to the cognitive – tasting program
“Beer Tour” arranged by “Biržų alus“, where the
demands of even the most curious
beer lover will be met.
During the degustation you will be offered beer
of the exclusive taste, learn about history of one of the
oldest breweries in Lithuania “Biržų alus”, find many
interesting facts about ancient Lithuanian brewing, and
see how the continuous, time-tested and valuable
tradition unites Lithuanian brewers and
the present-day brewing.
To begin with, you will be taken where “Biržų alus” sees the light. You will be lead through the boiling and
fermenting shops, see the beer repositories covered with ice. And in the old cellars of the brewery, which have
undergone little changes from 19 c., you’ll chance to see how and how long beer is ripened. You will hear many
interesting details about beer filtration. Travelling further you’ll watch beer bottling.
At the end of the excursion, you will move to the tasting hall in the cellar. You will be offered up to six different
brands of different volume and type during the degustation. We will introduce you with the extreme wide palette of
the beer brands made by “Biržų alus” brewers and you’ll understand why there is every reason to believe in the
saying about beer of the Biržai region that neither brand is alike to another. Like side-dishes, such hors-d'œuvre as
cheese, roasted beer with garlic, nuts, chips will be offered to beer.
It’s worth-while to note that a game-lottery is a part of the program, where the most successful participants will be
awarded with “Biržų alus” souvenirs. Furthermore, you’ll be told lots of local jokes about beer, which later will be
good to make your friend laugh.
Duration of the “Beer Tour” program: 1.5 hr. We are ready to receive groups of 15-55 persons.
sightseeing in the brewery, including tasting
of 5 beer brands and tasty snacks.
25 € per person.
You are most welcome to the cognitive – tasting program “Beer Tour”.
We are well aware that time has a great value for both of us and we’ll see
to you having the time with value.
The address of “Biržų alus“ brewery is Rotušės g. 22, Biržai.
The excursions are arrange every day taking into account visitors’ needs.
The precise time for excursions must be agreed in advance. You can register for tours on weekdays from 8.00 to 17.00
+370 614 98661
+370 450 36141
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