Pale lager is the oldest beer in the history of mankind, the ancestor of all beers. In general, it is one of the oldest products produced by humans, already known in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. How this beer was invented? No one knows the true story but it is supposed that people had tried to immerse the wild barley in water, in order to make it softer and suitable for food, and then a little of yeast was blown on by the wind… One gulp was enough to understand, that this new drink tasted just great.

“Šviesusis” brewed by “Biržų alus” is mild and light with colour of grain, “Munich Helles Lager” type of beer. Taste of barley malt is nicely expressed in ti, meanwhile aromatic hops reveals a light bitterness. This bitterness felt in beer maintain the malt type of feeling. Light scent of hops remains until the last swallow and lasts in the mouth with nice taste.

Earls and ordinary citizens in ancient Lithuania enjoyed not the same beer at all and region of Biržai wasn’t exception. Earls owend their own breweries and used hops of of exceptional quality for their beer, often hops were even brought from the far away countries. When earls had obtained the information, that particular citizen was able to brew great beer, they often made them an offer – some and work for us and we will pay you such salary, that is would be sufficient both for your own living and for the education of children. The only rule applied – make a good beer.

“Grafo” beer made by foremen of “Biržų alus” allow to recall those times, when earls were still prospering in Lithuania. This beer is characterized with yellowish colour and particular clarity. Its taste is refreshing ans a little bit dry, with faintly felt sweetness of maize. Aromatic hops of special sort “Cascade” are used for brewing of this beer. Brewers of Biržai are bringing these hops from the foreign countries, in the same way, like earls in the past. These hops gives to the beer not only the exceptional scent, but also mild, citrus-kind bitterness.

Dark beer was a pride of Biržai region for a long time. There are some stories that earlier beer brewers of this region had poured over the same malt for several times. The first immersion of the malt allowed to obtain strong and dark beer with exceptional taste. After the second immersion beer became lighter and it’s taste became weaker. As taste of the beer after first pouring was in particular vivid, this kind of beer in Biržai was appreciated the most. Beer brewers gad offering it to the most honourable guests. Although these times are in the past already and there are not less fans of the light beer than of the dark one, the latter is still praised by citizens of Biržai because of it’s exceptional characteristics. The “Tamsusis” beer made in “Biržų alus” brewery is rich and intense, characterized with dark ruby colour, attributed to “Munich Dunkel Lager” style of beer. Light and caramel malt taste is well expressed in this beer, but it doesn’t shade the other details of this beer. You can also feel aftertaste of roasted bread and nuts, interlacing with the scent of aromatic hops.

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